Wellness Zone

 In Pozza di Fassa, the spa area of ​​the Dolomites Hotel Valacia is just the place for guests who have chosen to stay with us in order to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the beautiful setting of Val di Fassa. A wellness center that has two Finnish saunas plus an infrared sauna, a Turkish bath, tea room, fitness area and a relaxation area,

it is ideal for those who want to warm up after a day spent on the ski slopes or on the beautiful trails that surround the hotel and the areas bordering the valley


In the two Finnish saunas, the high temperatures and essential aromas that flow from the wood of the structure promote circulation and relaxation of mind and body, while in the infrared sauna, where the temperaturs never exceed 50 degrees, the beneficial effects for the body are achieved thanks to the increase in body temperature induced by the rays themselves.

The therapeutic effects derived from the heating with infrared rays, recognized thorough medical research, are mainly due to the increase of the internal temperature in the irradiated tissue, resulting in the relaxation of contracted muscles by the heat generated.The two saunas are not substitutes for each other, in fact they are of different philosophies and origins, not alternatives but definitely complementary, and something to be experienced together.

Together with the sauna area, the Turkish bath, the tea room and the renovated relaxation area make up the Wellness center of ​​this 4-star hotel in the Dolomites.

The separate fitness area has Technogym equipment. A Run Personal, the perfect treadmill for those who want to have a professional training experience, a Synchro Forma is the perfect cross trainer to enjoy a total body workout, reducing joint and muscle stress. There is also a massages and body wellness area, managed by an expert massage therapist, well able to take care of and pamper the guests of the Dolomites Hotel Valacia, enriching their stay during their holidays in Val di Fassa.

From the reflexology to hot stone massage, through sports massages for those who want to loosen up the muscles after a tiring day, the services offered will satisfy every client, offering them moments of tranquility in the Hotel Spa in Pozza di Fassa. Wellness and relaxation, in addition to the wonderful views of the Dolomites and the refined elegance of the whole structure are what make the Dolomites Hotel Valacia unique.

Instructions for access to the Spa

Access to the Wellness Area of ​​the Dolomites Hotel Valacia is guaranteed to all hotel guests from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm. To enter, it is always necessary to bring a bathrobe, towel and slippers. In the rooms, our guests will find everything they need for Wellness, inside a delightful typically Ladin bag made of wool felt.


The muscular awakening sessions take place on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30 to 9.30, for groups of guests consisting of a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8. Muscle awakening classes can be booked one day in advance at the reception of our Hotel.

Wellness etiquette

Massages can be performed from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm, with a rest break from 12.00 to 15.30. We remind you that it is preferable to arrive 5 minutes in advance of the treatment time to allow maximum efficiency.

In case of delay, the treatments cannot be extended beyond the scheduled time and consequently their duration will be reduced. Failure to notify the cancellation of a treatment will incure a charge of 50% of the cost.  To guarantee an appropriate atmosphere of privacy and relaxation, it is kindly requested to turn off cell phones and electronic equipment, as well as to speak in a low voice when gathered in the areas of the Hotel Spa.


50 min-50,00 €
 Thai reflexology is a holistic healing technique with Egyptian, Indian and Chinese origins. In addition to the manual skills of the masseur’s hands, the peculiarity of this treatment is the use of a special stick, which allows more incisive work on the reflex points.
40 min- 40,00 €
 A manual technique which combines the principles of Chinese medicine with the body-map of the reflex points, aimed at recovering and maintaining a state of psychophysical health. It is based on the 5 energy meridians with pressure applied to the feet.
50 min- 55,00€
25 min- 35,00 €
 The massage consists of simple manipulations on the head, neck, shoulders and cervical spine, bringing a feeling of relief and lightness over the entire area.
25 min- 35,00 €
 It is a concentrated massage to the whole lumbar, dorsal and cervical area. It is suitable for all postural muscular tension problems
40 min- 45,00€
 It is a massage aimed at recovering balance and freeing ourselves of tension


50 min-55,00€
 The technique consists of applying pressure, rubbing and both superficial and deep kneading, to make the tissues elastic and to alleviate the most common problems affecting musculature.
30 min- 35,00 € 
A lower limb massage is performed to counteract the heaviness and pains accumulated by extraordinary leg strained. It is especially indicated for those who compete and take long walks. The benefits that come with a leg massage are immediately felt with a new lightness and fluidity to movement.
60 min- 60,00 €
 The aim of a sports massage is to improve athletic performance, and it therefore plays an important role in athletic preparation. Excellent after heavy activity.


60 min-65,00 €
 It is a sweet but focused massage that, depending on the needs of your body, is performed using the principles of essential oils extracted from trees, flowers and shrubs. It has ancient origins and aims to achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit. It turns out to be one of the most effective natural methods to alleviate stress-related disorders.
60 min-65,00 €
The use of volcanic stones stimulates the flow of vital energy and infuses a feeling of wellbeing throughout the body, mind and spirit. Helps reduce problems concerning circulation, muscles, water retention and the nervous system.

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OUR RANGE My Sensy by unique 

Pure precious oils (Argan, sweet almonds, Jojoba, blackcurrant, wheat germ, rice bran, sesame, Baobab, borage) are cold-pressed and mixed with vitamin E, essential fatty acids and natural vitamins, to create a cream which increases elasticity and has an antioxidant effect. The particular liquid crystal structure helps to restructure the damaged skin layers, deeply hydrating the skin to create a silky touch, renewed turgidity and a pleasant freshness.
The body cream is for sale at the center and also online. Just request it through the site after checking availability.
30,00 €
The perfect gel for daily cleansing, designed for the physiology of even the most delicate skin. The micro-drops of ten high-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils are homogeneously distributed on the skin, without altering the natural pH, and nourishing the skin during washing. The skin is soft and hydrated, with a surprisingly silky satin feel.  The shower gel can be found for sale at the center and also online. Just request it through the site after checking availability.
12,00 €
A delicate fragrance, ideal for vaporizing the body after a bath or shower. The fragrance stimulates natural endorphins, favoring a state of general well-being. Formulated to last for a long time on the skin, giving a persistent feeling of freshness.  It can also be sprayed on clothes without creating spots or stains.  The scented water can be found for sale at the center and also online. Just request it through the site after checking availability.
19,00 €

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WHAT IS MUSCULAR AWAKENING? In the morning also the muscles must awaken since during the night they have been immobile and therefore need to return to activity.
It is beneficial for helping to start the day in the best way, feeling more positive and in a good mood.
Muscles are very important for our body, because they allow us to do all kinds of movements and this is essential for the maintenance of many vital functions such as blood circulation, respiration and digestion, but also other functions such as maintaining correct posture, movement, etc …  Taking care of the muscles helps the body to stay toned and fit, but also allows the muscles to perform their functions better.  Muscle awakening should be done early morning, as soon as you wake up, or even when you feel less active. Muscle awakening exercises have many benefits: better mood, because endorphins are released; relaxation of muscle tension caused by a poor sleeping position; improvement of blood circulation as the muscles resume normal blood flow after it slowing during the night hours; less stress, because you concentrate on your breathing and the exercises.  Our muscular awakening takes place in the Wellness area in the morning from 8.30 to 9.30 for 3 days a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. You can ask the reception of the hotel for availability for the days you prefer.
The activity of muscle awakening costs € 15.00 per lesson.

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