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This section of the site is designed for guests who will stay with us during the summer. Outdoor is all the sports, activities, moments, places, experiences, leisure and emotions to be lived in the open air, in more or less immediate vicinity to the Dolomites Hotel Valacia.  Sometimes we urge going to the nearby valleys of Val Gardena, Val Badia and Val di Fiemme, we point out events or places not to be missed, but mainly we will keep the attention on Val di Fassa, our Valle Ladina, being a valley full of wonders to explore.

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The first “tourists” arrived in Val di Fassa were driven by scientific interests, they were geologists and mineralogists, those interested also in botany and the local language.  These visitors prompted the construction of the first lodgings. In the second half of the nineteenth century the interest of scholars was joined by that of travelers and explorers, especially the English. Tourism began to take hold and many Fassa inhabitants began to transform into mountain guides in summer.   Between 1800 and 1900 Val di Fassa became the center of numerous alpine companies. The first refuges and hotels were raised to give refreshment to the mountaineers, the wooden houses being later replaced with more solid constructions. The first paths were opened, the first mountaineering routes established, ones that we still do today, and the first via ferratas were installed.  Interrelations in Val di Fassa were facilitated thanks to the construction of the Great Dolomite Road, inaugurated in 1909.   With the First World War there was a halt to tourist development and Val di Fassa went through a period of great poverty. Only after the Second World War did the real tourist boom take place that made the valley a destination for winter and summer holidays. Nowadays tourism is the biggest economic resource in Val di Fassa, making it the most popular locality in Trentino for tourists.

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